From the participants:

‘This was wonderfully eye-opening and has greatly changed how I view modal song- not as fixed repertory but as living tradition. It demonstrated much freer, and ultimatley much more expressive ways of relating to liturgical text. It shows we really can recreate such musical lines- amazing!’

‘It was transformative- opened up so many possibilities and sound worlds I’d never imagined. Ill be looking into different expressive possibilites of instrumental accompaniments’

‘It completely changed by views of medieval music and I learnt many new things. It will revolutionise my performances- gave me many new ideas.’

‘this event will aid in my confidence of performance greatly. Excited that this music is still being sung, even by us young folks. Loved getting to participate in the signing.’

‘It (medieval music) is now more vivid to me. I had a demonstration of how modes interiorization could help performance.’

‘Thank you so much, philosophically and spiritually moving. It brought it to life for me- its depth and beauty.’

In the Press:

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