Medieval Latin Song from c. 800 to c. 1200


Saturday 2 July – Old Library , Pembroke College

9:30am                      Opening Address

Stephen Jaeger- Music of Mankind (Musica Humana) and its Place in Early Medieval Education


10:45-12:30pm        Carolingian Song

Sam Barrett  –  The Earliest Songbook from St Gall?

Elaine Stratton Hild-Articulations of Verse and Uses of Notation in Sankt Gallen’s Pedagogical Manuscripts

Susan Rankin – Carolingian Song Notations


2-2:30pm- Roundtable: Songs in Unexpected Places

2:45-4:15pm- Nova cantica

David Catalunya – Aquitanian Sources of 11th- and 12th-century Latin Song Reconsidered

Konstantin Voigt – Reconsidering the “New Song”: Traditional verse-forms and the historiographic concept of textual and musical “individuality” in 12th century latin liturgical songs



David Ganz – Pneuma: A Word and Its Meanings


7pm  Pre-Concert Talk by Sam Barrett

7:30pm  Concert by Sequentia: Boethius’ Songs of Consolation